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Fiat Ducato 3 reset air cleaner indicator

How to reset air cleaner indicator Fiat Ducato III.

Reset air cleaner indicator Fiat Ducato 3. From year: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Air cleaner replacement shall be carried out at Fiat Dealership.

Air filter – dusty roads (where necessary) Fiat Ducato third generation.

The air filter specific for dusty areas is equipped with a visual blockage signalling device A-fig. 11. It is therefore necessary to periodically check the blockage sensor indicator Please refer to the “Programmed Maintenance Plan” shown in the Chapter “Maintenance and care”.

Reset air cleaner indicator Fiat Ducato 3Reset air cleaner indicator Fiat Ducato 3

Upon reaching the calibration value, the indicator is activated B-fig. 11a and it switches to the red light position, even when the engine is switched off. In order to reset the signalling device, proceed with the cleaning/substitution of the cartridge as with normal equipment and reset the indicator by pressing button C-fig. 11a.

Attention: use a jet of air so as to clean the air filter, do not use water or liquid detergents. Such filter is specific for the versions suitable for dusty areas; therefore it is advisable to seek help from the Fiat Assistance Network for the substitution of the filter.

All information how to reset air cleaner warning light is taken from Fiat Ducato 3 owners manua.