Service Light Reset without using a computer. Reset automotive service, oil life, reset oil service and maintenance lights.

Service light reset oil indicator for Audi A3

Reset service light indicator, engine oil life Audi A3, year 2003-2009 oil reset instructions:

For Fixed Interval servicing, you can use the following procedure:
Start with the ignition turned ON (position 2), but with the engine OFF
Pull out and hold the button on the right side of the display until “SERVICE” appears on the display
Release the button on the right, then within 5 seconds pull the button out and hold it again
Release the button when the display shows “- – -” or “SERVICE IN xxxx Miles / Kilometres, xxxx days”
Turn off the ignition

These servicing warning lights are normally reset (turned off) by the main dealer once they have finished servicing your vehicle.

If you have just serviced your vehicle yourself, or had it serviced in a local garage you may find that the 'service interval warning light' still needs to be reset to turned the light off.

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